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Virtual & Augmented Reality is our core business!

J.D. Multi Interactive is a small software development company based in the Rotterdam area in the southern part of the Netherlands. The roots of J.D. Multi started in 2013 when we witnessed the reboot of VR when Oculus released their first headset. We’ve not only been a witness but also played a part within the virtual reality industry within the Netherlands.

Since then our core business is virtual reality but has also expanded to augmented reality and custom software development. We’re not afraid to dive deep into new technologies, get our hands dirty on hard to solve problems to create new possibilities for your company. We work with a broad range of clients from different industries which use our software for all kind of purposes.

Not only do we develop software but we also have close connections with content creators with who we create amazing 3D graphics and Virtual & Augmented Reality solutions. We create our software with passion, deliver high quality products and stay up to date with technology to keep innovative. These core values are a fundament for our company.

Curious what we can do for you, VR, AR or 3D graphics? Don’t hesitate and contact us any time!



We offer our expertise to let your bussiness benefit from several technologies.

  • Virtual Reality

    • Need a VR solution?
    • How can you use it?
    • Don’t know what is it?
  • We know the technology!

  • Augmented Reality

    • Need an AR solution?
    • Got a great idea?
    • Business idea??
  • Our expertise can help you!

  • Custom Software

    • Need realtime 3D graphics?
    • Custom 3D application?
    • Scripts or tools
  • Something else? We can do it!



A small selection of cases we did

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Cycling sportwears

36Cycling | Realtime 3D

Realistic realtime 3d models of sportswear for customers to preview a certain design on a t-shirt and short on a website.

Tags: Realtime 3D, Web

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Real Estate VR

Beeldenfabriek | Virtual Reality

Development of a VR Experience template for creating real estate VR tours in minutes for mobile VR headsets.

Tags: VR, Mobile, Custom software

header image

Offshore VR App

Dock90 | Virtual Reality

Developed in cooperation with Dock90, a mobile VR app with 360 stereo content. A tour trough branches of the offshore industry.

Tags: VR, Mobile, Custom software